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History: 10 years whit Led Lighting

Epsilon Electronic System S.r.l., established in Turin in 1997 as electronic production and design company; during the first period, our company design and produce only for other electric and electronic company that working in different field: industrial and residential; in that period, we work to define different kind of product for our new activities. Thanks to cooperation with our customer, LED technology for visual and signal application was field of work for our company. Passion for that new technology (LED) with experience we had in that field, permitted us: design, production and start new business in 2001; first product with Epsilon Electronic System brand was: traffic light lamp, E27 socket, with LED LIGHT Technology.
Start to 2002; that kind of product, sold normally in pubblic administration, permitted us to show our brand.
During follow years, industrial LED technology, supply us lighting components with important lighting charachteristics; R&D department start to work at lighting project. During 2003, our company show first simple LED lighting system: is the beginning of new way. Design will be important as technology in new LED lighting system; so, in 2004, born new brand: LELIDE Led Light Design.
This brand, permit us to define our different LED Lighting solution:

  • LED lighting product (LELIDE),
  • LED traffic product (EPSILON).

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